Victoria Elizabeth Caruk's

1st Week on Earth

Yup, this is me. Can you believe I already have my own web page...

I Was Born January 6th, 2006 at 11:54 AM

I weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces and was 19 3/4" tall at birth

This is my very first picture. My Daddy and the Internet Police Have censored it, since I'm not wearing any clothes... Oh my!

You can click on it though if you want to see what I looked like early on.

This is my Mommies Tummy when I poked out the timer in her belly button. I think I poked it out a bit early because this photo was taken 3 weeks before they figured out how to get me out of the oven. Can you believe they called me a little turkey. Mom thinks she looks fat in this picture. Daddy and I think Mom looks cute! Hey, I'm in there after all!
This is me about 2 minutes old. Check out that head! Wow, I really am an alien baby. My Daddy even showed me his Alien ID card to prove it. They stuck a vacuum extractor on my head to help me out. Dude's, what were you thinking, I was working on it...

Well O/K, I heard all the commotion out there and I was comfortable where I was. Truth be told, I had full room service and a comfy place to sleep... why hurry any. Sheesh all these people we're bent on disturbing my long winters nap.

This is me trying to go back to sleep. That's my Daddy holding me in his nice comfy arms. It's not as cozy as Moms tummy, but it will do for now.

This is my Mommy after 17 hours of labor. She's pretty cute. I kind of wondered what she looked like for the last 42 weeks or so. Now I know.

I've almost got her trained. I used to poke her and make her sneeze or cough. She would tease me back and talk to me. She reads me cute books, but Daddy reads me the funny ones that Mom doesn't like. Have you heard about Willard? He's a dog that farts a lot, just like me.

This is my Daddy. He's a lot bigger than I am. He calls me squirt.... What's up with that?
This is Grandma and Grandpa Miller. They are my Mommies Mommy and Daddy.
This is Grandma and Grandpa Caruk. They are my Daddies Mommy and Daddy.

I was already checked out and ready to go home when the Doctors decided they didn't like my rising Bilirubin levels. I started to turn orange like a pumpkin, so they had to take me to the Nursery to take care of me.

Don't know what Bilirubin is... sigh, come on folks, even I know how to use the Internet. Do a Google search for more info.

I heard Daddy tell my Mommy that his little girl was always going to have to wear a top when we go to the beach. So here I am, only 2 days old tanning topless in the tanning booth. I think I'll make an appointment at the tattoo parlor next week. I'll show him...
This is me after they let me out of the tanning booth. That part was O/K, but this thing they stuck in my arm hurts. I kept ripping it off, and they kept taping it back on. My Mommy and Daddy liked it when the doctors let me out of my tanning booth. They like to hold me a lot. I kind of like it as well, so I let them. Here's some more pictures of them below making sure I feel really loved.
Well, that's about it for now. I like to sleep a lot. Here's some pictures of me looking like a real Princess.

I'm a real thinker though. If you click on my picture below right, I can even do my first magic trick! I'm a special baby after all!

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