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Hi! It's me again, Victoria Elizabeth. I'm getting bigger now. I'm just over 9 months old and I can sit up, crawl, do a triple back flip with my Daddys help, and I even have a limited vocabulary. BOO! Did I scare you? That's my favorite saying right now. Everybody jumps.

This is me in my jolly jumper. It's pretty lame. I can bounce in it, but I can't flip it upside down or get it to squeal out.
This is more like it. Daddy shouldn't leave the keys to the motorhome in the ignition. I know how to start it up and beep the horn but I can't figure out how to make it go. I think my feet are too short.

I wonder if I can engage the cruise control from a standing start.... maybe next time I'll try that.

This is my Mommy and I in the hot tub. Mommy is helping me learn how to swim, but she always makes me wear a life jacket.
This is me hanging out in the hot tub. Mommy must not be around since I don't see any life jackets in the picture. I sure like the water though...
Yup here's me at the lake. This is my Daddys blaster. He can't stop without falling off or sinking it. Ha look at me. It's childs play. Now if I could just figure out how to make this thing go, I'd show you guys a trick or 2...
This is my Daddy and I going for a trip on an Off Road Segway. I like it when my Daddy takes me hiking. I really like it when he takes me gliding on the Segway. It's a smooth, quiet ride. The neighbors all think we're nuts.
This is me trying to teach my Daddy how to do the tango. He keeps stepping on my feet, but he tries hard so I don't mind so much.
This is me in my newest swing. I've been eating solid foods for a couple months now.

Mom's trying something new out on me this morning. You want me to eat whaaat?

Steve Mayer from the Cloud 9 soaring center got this little paragliding harness for my Dad. I think I'm big enough to go flying, but my Dad says I need to get bigger.

Maybe I just need a smaller harness...

This is my Daddy reading to me again. I think he's cheating since the story he's telling me isn't the same one he told me the last time he read this book to me. This is me telling him "that's not what it says".

Just because I'm a kid doesn't mean he can get anything by me!

This is a picture of me with my Mommy and Daddy on their 25th Anniversary.

Yup, I was supposed to send out the invitations, call the caterer, arrange for the food and all the other stuff kids normally do for their parents 25th anniversary. I don't even have a cell phone or my own computer yet. How did they think I'd make all the arrangements in time.

At least I had them pose for this picture.

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