Victoria Elizabeth Caruk - Summer 2007

Hi! It's me again, Victoria Elizabeth. I'm getting bigger now. I'm just over 18 months old and I'm a big girl. I like to hang out on the couch at the shop. My daddy thinks I should get to work. Here are some of the highlights from my Summer.

I like to pick up rocks. I really like to throw them in puddles and wash them. Here I am washing some of the rocks I found. My daddy says I have to wash all the rocks in the driveway.

Ha, wait till he goes to town. I'm going to throw them all in the hot tub and push the button that makes the water squirt around. That should speed things up.

Most kids have a swing. I get to play in my paragliding harness. This is me practising weight shift turns. Flying a paraglider is really easy. You lean in the direction you want it to go, and pull the brake if you want to turn faster.

I really like to rock back and forth and see how high I can swing.

Sometimes my Daddy likes to join in the fun. We're swinging together in a paragliding simulator. I'm making sure he knows what he's doing. If it looks like he can figure this out, maybe I'll take him for a ride.
See daddy, you hold on just like this.... Now hang on tight and I'll show you how it's done.
This is my Daddies paraglider. Dad says I can have my own when I learn how to fly by myself. It sure looks like fun. I'd better study to learn all about weather, and aerodynamics.
This is my friend Maren and my Daddy helping me get set to learn how to fly by myself.
Hey, are you guys sure it's not to windy?
Enough of that, it's too hot. Let's go to the lake.

My Mommy and Daddy started me off swimming really early. I love the water.

Daddy and me are out for a ride on our Jet ski. Daddy says when I can survive falling off at 60 MPH he will take me out on the blaster. HA I'll be soloing it before he knows it!

My daddy has all kinds of neat tools. He bought me my own wrench set. Here I am trying to help out. I figured I'd climb up and fix that forklift slack adjuster that came loose.
This is my Mommy and me coming back from a party. Mom likes to play dress up, and I'm a real party girl!
This is a picture of me with my Mommy at Christmas 2007. See, we like to play dress up. Daddy bought us matching sweaters and my first set of real pearls!

Don't you think we look great?

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