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Hi! It's me again, Victoria Elizabeth. I'm getting bigger now. I just turned 3 years old. I've been pretty busy in the last few months. I'm helping my Daddy build a subdivision. He let me choose the name. What do you think?

If you're looking for a really nice place to build a home, or looking for a custom home, send me an email and I'll tell my Daddy to give you a good deal.

My Daddy says he'll pay me the agents fee if I sell a lot, so please be sure to tell him I sent you. I'm still saving up for my Maserati.

This is me learning how to weld. My Daddy designed and built a 22' wide x 64' long air adjustable water table for a company and had to build it on site. I'm making sure he knows how to run the automatic welding oscillator. We're using it to make seamless welds for the tank in one continuous length.

He lets me keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't wander off the seam while he's welding out other parts of the table by hand.

Man this welding stuff is easy. You flip the switch and bzzzzztttt the metal pieces get welded together. There's a bright light, but my helmet darkens automatically so I can still watch things safely. I like the part where the flies in the warehouse get attracted to the light and Bzzzttt ... the pesky bugs are done with. The welder is brighter than the bug zapper in the back yard!

This is one of the welds that I made. Not bad for a 3 year old Eh!

Did you check out my hot pink welding helmet in the previous photo? My Daddy says he looked for quite a while to find a hot pink welding helmet with my name on it.

This is me with my Mommy and Daddy. The cool truck in the background belongs to my friends Brad and Maren in Warrenton, OR. They have one of the best hydraulic payout winches around mounted inside. It's one designed by my Daddy.
This is me getting ready for my first tandem paragliding flight.
We're all strapped in and ready to go. Brad is going to use the winch in his truck to tow his wife Maren and myself aloft for my first flight. Dad's holding me up so I don't trip Maren.
Maren has skillfully inflated the glider and we're just about ready to fly!
O/K Daddy, you can get out of the way, Thanks!
And we're off! You can see the truck way off in the distance. The orange thing in front of us is the drogue parachute used to recover the line. It will pop open when we release at the top of the tow.
I added these pictures
so my mom could see
that we kept things
mellow during our
This is me
already out of the
harness, and
ready to run out
the landing.
This is me with Maren after the flight. I think she's the best tandem pilot I've flown with so far. She's been really helpful. She helped me work on my kiting skills so I can eventually learn to fly solo.

If you want to try a tandem paragliding experience give Brad or Maren a shout. You can contact them through I'd recommend that you take your flight with Maren. She's the best. Even my Daddy will tell you that she's probably one of the best tandem tow launch pilots on the Continent. She must be good if he would let me fly with her.

This is a picture of me practising my landings. I'm out of the harness and Brad tells me my flare timing is pretty good. If I could just convince someone to tow me up, I'd be ready to go solo I think.

Say, I wonder if I can soar the sand dune behind me....

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