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Hi! It's me again, Victoria Elizabeth. I'm getting bigger now. I just turned 3 1/2 years old. We've been pretty busy in the last few months. We had a chance to visit the coast where our friends Brad and Maren operate a paragliding training facility using one of the hydraulic winches my Daddy makes.

Naturally I couldn't let my Daddy go flying all by himself. He needs someone like me to keep him out of trouble.

Here's a picture of my Mommy and Daddy and myself after enjoying another flight.

This is how we get started. My Daddy is kiting the glider while I point out Brad in his truck coming to find us.
This is how the tow launch works. Brads truck is the white thing with the black tire on the left... it has a hydraulic Payout winch mounted inside the rear bed. The line feeds off a spool up through a tracking head, and back to my daddy and I.

The orange blob is a drogue parachute. It's kept closed during the tow from the tension of a leader line that goes from the apex of the drogue, to a weak link where we connect out tow bridle to. Once we release from the towline, the drogue pops open so Brad can gets a nice tight rewind of his line, without dropping it on the beach, into the ocean, or over some houses.

In this picture you can tell it's pretty windy and the truck just started moving so the line is tight and we're about to go flying.

Bonus questions - Which way is the wind blowing? Are we launching headed the right direction?

This is my Daddy showing me just the right amount of brake to carry to help me feel what the glider is doing.
This is me setting up for my first real landing by myself.
Relax Dad, I can do this all by myself. Woohooo!
Who would have though that in just a few short years I could go from this cute little bundle to flying a paraglider.

My Daddy says if I learn to read, and motivate myself I can do anything I want. So far he lets me try some really cool things. I need to keep practising my reading and math skills. Stop by with a pocket full of change sometime. My Daddy taught me a counting game and I get to keep all the coins I get right, until I make a mistake. I'm doing pretty good so far.

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