Victoria Elizabeth Caruk

Yup, this is still me. I'm getting bigger and cuter by the day. It's getting tough to find the time to update my web page though. My Daddy recently bought me a new laptop of my own, so that helps things a lot. You can surf through to any of my pages by clicking the little picture at the bottom. You can come back to this page from any page by hitting the home page link from any page. Sure I could link all the pages, but can you imagine how much work that will be when I get older. My daddy says programers are just all lazy. I of course happen to think that there is a fine line between lazy, and intelligent!

My Dad won't let me answer the phone yet, but I can use my laptop to respond to emails, you can send them to me here. Email me

This is me clowning around in our RV while on a paragliding trip. My Daddy was busy towing paragliders with our boat for an over the water safety clinic.

Some of my friends can't find my 1st online magic trick. You can click my picture to the left or click this MAGIC LINK.

This is what I learned last summer. My Daddy has been taking me for rides on our Segway. I swiped the key when he wasn't looking and took it for a spin. Boy are my parents in for trouble as I get older and more mobile.

I rode a pony last summer at the fair. Don't you think my Mommy and Daddy should buy me one?

This is me with my Mommy and daddy last Christmas, 2007. Daddy bought Mommy and me matching sweaters and pearl necklaces. He thinks we look gorgeous. I think so too.

You can check out all my other pages by clicking on a link below. They are in chronological order... sort of.
Click the picture to go to see my first week on earth. Click the picture to see my baby rocking robot. I'm 2 weeks old.
Click the picture to see what my first part looks like. This is me around 3 months old. Click the picture to see an update as of 20 Oct 2006. I'm 10 months old.
Click the picture to see how I spent my summer of 2007. I'm 19 now (O/K so it's months.... big deal) Click the picture to see me running MY INTEGREX. I just turned 2 years old.
Click the picture to see my Subdivision project, my welding pictures, and my first paragliding flights. Click the picture to see how my flight training is going.

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