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Hi! It's me again, Victoria Elizabeth. I'm getting bigger now. I just turned 2 years old. My daddy brought this Mazak Integrex into our shop to help make complicated parts faster and with a lot less secondary operations. It's a really cool machine. It has a 30 Horsepower main turning spindle, a 25 HP sub spindle, and a 25 HP milling spindle that swings around the B axis. I told my Daddy this is my machine! He said if I can figure out how to run it I can have it. Sounds like a good deal to me. I'm still trying to figure out where to put the hay to feed all the horses though.

My Daddy likes to read. So do I. I'm helping him read the manuals to learn how to run my Integrex.
See Daddy it's pretty simple. I already know all these letters. They're the same as the ones on my laptop and in my learning books!
This is my first part that I helped to program and run. It's a V guide wheel from an old ESAB PUMA cutting machine. It's hard to get parts so my Daddy makes his own.

I just open this lid on the parts catcher and pick up the finished parts.

The guys at Mazak made this just the right height for a little kid.

Here I am measuring a couple key dimensions to make sure the part is good enough to ship out.

It's pretty simple. I put the caliper onto the part, give it a squeeze and make sure the dial points to the right place.

Who says manufacturing is hard. It's so simple a little kid could do it.

Here's me starting up the Integrex for the next part. I hit the green button just like I learned on the HAAS when I was 3 (months that is!).

Hey, you Mazak engineers. Could you make this a bit easier for a little kid to reach?

Ha, I solved the start button reach problem. Now I can look in the windows and see what's going on.

I told my Daddy I wanted a raise. He brought me out this ladder. What's up with that?

All the climbing up and down ladders is too much work. I grabbed Freddy and asked him to help me out.

Since I already have a really cool paragliding harness I figured I could let Freddy (he's my robot in case you forgot) hold me up so I could see and press all the buttons.

Now that I can sit higher, it's a lot easier to program this machine.

It's a bit different than programing all our other machines in the shop. My Daddy is an EIA programmer and he likes G code. That's the language all our other CNC machines use to run.

I like my Integrex better. It seems a lot easier to program a part process by process. It's simple really. I tell the machine how big the stock is, then I tell it to face off the end of the stock, do a turning operation on the outside of the bar, throw in any machining operations with pointy tools like drills and taps then cut off the part to the right length and catch it.

Sure is easier than figuring out what a G71 stock removal cycle is, or having to call an extra G70 finishing cycle, don't you think?

My daddy says Mazatrol is different than G code. I think he is stubborn and set in his ways.

Besides Dad, look at this, I can hit the help menu and get a pretty picture that tells me what measurement I'm supposed to type in the box. Your HAAS can't do that can it....

For all you other kids out there, this is the most important button on the machine. If the machine goes BANG, BANG, CATHUNK, BANG, CRASH, KAPLOOIE it's usually a good idea to push this button.

This usually works on any of the machines in the shop, they all have this Big Red Button.

If you pushed the green button when your Daddy was off having lunch, and you heard a big BANG, BANG, CATHUNK, BANG, CRASH, KAPLOOIE it's usually a good idea to push this button, then call Mazak service at (800) 231-1456 and hope they get there before your Daddy gets back to the shop.

This is a picture of me on my 2nd birthday. I saw a picture of a Mazerati in a magazine when I was 16 (O/k 16 months) and I have always liked them. A Maserati is my favorite car.

My Mommy and Daddy took me to the Maserati patch on my birthday. Hey, they took me to the pumpkin patch and that's where I bought a pumpkin, so Maseratis must come from the Maserati patch as well, don't they?

My daddy says I can buy one of these on my real 16th birthday if I can earn the money to pay for it. With an Integrex and a savings account that should be easy. Do you think I can do it?

This is the link to a page that I use to help me find the stuff I need to run my Integrex. I'm too little to reach way up on my Daddy's bookshelf, but I have a touch screen enabled laptop with a wireless connection that makes it simple for me to find most anything I need. I don't password protect this page for now. If you have any good tips, please send them to me and I'll add them to this information page. But shhhhhh...... it's a secret. Click the link to the left to go to my secret page....

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