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Hi! It's me again, Victoria Elizabeth. I'm getting tired of digging through my Daddies books and manuals trying to find a simple technique or helpful piece of information, so I had my Daddy help me create this page where I can use my touchscreen equipped laptop to find what I'm looking for easily. I'll have him update this and add some cool utilities in the future.

Remember these utilities are to help me, but if you right click them, who am I to stop you from using them yourself. If you've got a helpful tip or hint, please email it to me and I might just add it here as well.

Mazak - Mazatrol Programing Manual This Manual reminds me of all the stuff I'm supposed to know to program in Mazatrol.
Mazak - EIA programming Manual This Manual reminds me of all the stuff I'm supposed to know to program in EIA.
Mazak - Integrex Mk-IV Tool changer Manual This manual helps me recover from that nasty red light that comes on when the tool changer jams up.
Mazak - Integrex Mk-1V Mechanical Parts List This manual helps me figure out where the parts lying in the bottom of the machine most likely came from.
Mazak - Matrix Control Classroom Maintenance Training Manual This manual helps me understand how the Matrix control works, particularly how data gets around the various types of memory in the control.
Mazak - Mazatrol Programming Class Workbook This manual has a bunch of Mazatrol programming examples for me to copy and modify.
Mazak - General Information This manual lets me know more than a lot of Mazak service guys, and Mazak sales people. Apparently many of them have never bothered to read it.
Mazak Parameter List and M-Codes, Alarm Manual This manual tells me what the alarms really mean, and has hints to fix them. Of course it's also the place to start looking for the rung of the ladder that actually throws the alarm. Learning how to monitor the ladder makes troubleshooting this machine so simple a little kid can do it. (Well maybe a bright little kid like me... ;-)
Mazak - Mazatrol 3D Programming My Daddy is trying to teach me 3D programming. Sheesh, I'm just a kid. Give me a break... Now I'd love it if someone has a sample of a small impeller program that would run on an Integrex and would send it to me along with the tools used to run the part. I'll have my Daddy get me the same tools and we'll run it off so we can learn how to modify the part and make a custom impeller for my little persons jet ski. Or maybe my Bumper boat. I want to be able to get out of my Daddies way, and sneak up and roost him from behind. Wouldn't you like to help me?
Mazak Operating Manual for the Integrex This manual tells me how to run my Integrex, and recover form simple alarms.
Mazak X/C Pocket Milling Sample Using Rough and Finish pass for Matrix Control on Head 1 Only

Mazak X/C Pocket Milling Sample Using Rough and Finish pass for Matrix Control on Head 2 Only

Mazak X/C Pocket Milling Sample Using Rough and Finish pass for Matrix Control on Head 1 and Head 2

Pocket Milling using X/C on a Mazak.

Did you ever try to mill a simple square or rectangle on the centerline in Mazatrol. Did you find out that it couldn't be done because you simply don't have enough Y axis travel. I hate having to write multiple units of line left, or line out routines to accomplish a simple task. Boy it sure would be nice if you could mill a pocket using X/C mode.

Guess what, you can. Mazatrol supports the function, but you can't select the option from your control. You need to generate the code with an offline Mazatrol editor that supports X/C milling. Or, you can copy the XC pocket milling file example here and download it to your control. You'll note that you can simply copy the unit into your own program. (If you don't know how, scroll to the first line below where you want to insert the unit, and hit the right orange arrow on the keyboard and select the Unit Copy softkey. Scroll down to find the Mazak-XC-POCKET program and select it, then enter the unit number for the X/C pocket routine. You'll now have an X/C unit in your Mazatrol program. You can edit the data, or copy it in your control as you wish. Someday Mazak just might enable this feature. It's very helpful.

By the way, on a Matrix controlled Machine, Parameter E92 controls whether the pocket is milled from the inside out, or the outside in. Pretty cool isn't it.

Apparently this works on machines other than my Integrex as long as you have a Matrix Control. It works on a Mazak lathe and you can pocket mill even if you don't have a Y axis on the machine.

I've been told the same option works on a Fusion Control, but we have no way to verify that since we don't have anything that doesn't have a Matrix control on it. If you have an offline programming solution that can generate an X/C pocket milling cycle and you can test that it works, please send me a copy of the program and I'll post it here. Us Integrex users need to stick together. Collectively we can accomplish some really cool things.

Changing Tools and getting back into the cut with the subspindle forward and both spindles holding onto the stock Ever find yourself in a spot where you need to hold onto both ends of the stock with the main and subspindle, and then you need to toolchange? If the tool is at 0 degrees it's no big deal, but if you need the tool at B90 degrees, you are in trouble. Mazatrol normally wants to send the tool home and then rotate it up towards B0 at the toolchange position. You will typically rip through the subspindle during the rotation.

Here's a little trick that works well. It starts by knowing where you need the tool tip to be in relation to the machine home. To figure that out, with the part held only in Head1 call up the tool and jog it into position. Then from the manual mode, go to the position screen, scroll to the Z axis position and enter a zero in the input field. The Z position will read 0. Now highlight the home button and send the Z axis home, but note how many inches it had to move to get there. Now you're all set.

You can call up a manual program unit and enter the following commands... you can even do it in an MDI block:

G0G28U0 (send X home incrementally)
G0G28W0 (send Z home incrementally)
G0W-xx.xxB90. (Move Z incrementally the distance you figured earlier and swing the B axis to B 90)

The tool will neatly arc down into position above where you want to make your cut. You can reverse it to come back out for your next tool.

Your machine might not collision check the tool path, so use caution.

See the program sample as an example. Unit 7 arcs the tool into the cut, unit 11 arcs it out, unit 12 arcs the next tool back in. It works really sweet, and saves a lot of time.

Mazak Multiple Bar Pull Example for the Integrex I used to forget how to do multiple bar pulls and transfers on an Integrex, so here's a simple program commented out on how to do it.
5 axis simultaneous sample program We spent 2 very frustrating months trying to machine a simple 5 axis part after our Integrex was installed. After getting little help from Mazak, we brought in an outside consultant who noted that while the 5 axis options we had ordered and paid for were installed. None of the parameters had been changed to allow 5 axis simultaneous operations. In fact the parameter that controls the maximum number of simultaneous axis was set to 4, so the machine would never have been able to cut a 5 axis part. Why this wasn't resolved by Mazak at the time of installation, or after subsequent inquiries is somewhat baffling to me.

If you are having issues cutting your fist 5 axis part, download this simple EIA program and try to run it. If it throws up an alarm, you likely have a parameter issue that needs to be resolved before you will be able to go any further.

You need to program true 5 axis moves in EIA, since there is no way to do it in Mazatrol. Good Luck!

Mazak - Saving and editing the PLC ladder My Daddy uses the ladder to help solve the machine when it doesn't work right. Did you know you can open the ladder, and monitor the status of every contact in the machine. If you know what a specific alarm is, you can go to the rung of the ladder that throws the alarm and see the status of the component that is causing it. You can even force coils on and off to help troubleshoot the machine. My daddy says I can look, but I can't touch anything in the ladder unless I know EXACTLY what it will do. It's easy to really break something bad if you mess with the ladder. You need to know the Mazak secret code to get into the diagnostics page. If you practise a little social engineering, you would realize that all service techs need to remember the passwords. They make it simple and write it down in the back of all the Mazak manuals...
Hobbing a Gear My Daddy showed me how to blank out a gear and cut the teeth all in one shot on the Integrex. It took quite a while to figure out how to actually hob the gear. This is a sample program for those who are also trying to figure it out. It's pretty cool to go from raw stock to a finished gear in one shot. I like it that we can broach the keyway on the Integrex now as well. My Mommy thinks I'm too little to run a broach through our 140 ton press. Something about squishing my wee little fingers...
Mazatrol Program-Offline Viewer Ever try to open a Mazatrol Program offline? It's easy if you have a CAM package specifically designed to let you do that. Mazak used to supply a viewer utility but for some odd reason discontinued it, and most Mazak people don't even know it exists. I use this one when I need to work out a program and my Daddy has his office locked so I can't get to his computer. It works on most PC's.
ATC (Tool Changer) Alignment Procedure in Excel format

Integrex MK-IV Alignment Procedure

Integrex MK-IV Alignment Notes

Mazak Applications Alignment Training Manual for Integrex MK-III Series

Want to confuse a little kid? Ask them to figure out how to align an Integrex... It's pretty tough, but I tracked down some clues that will explain how it all works. It's really not all that complicated if you know where to look for help. My Daddy says if I make those loud BANG, CHUNK, KAPLOOIE sounds with my Integrex I'd better know how to straighten things out. I use these documents to help me figure it all out.

The manual for the MK-III series is useful if you have an older machine, but also helps users of the newer versions, since it gives you a good overview of what needs to be done.

Fixing a Detector Alarm Malfunction

When you get an Alarm #10 on an Integrex MK-IV also known as a
DETECTOR MALFUNCTION ALARM That throws off a red light and won't let you home out your machine on power up, this procedure will help you fix it. Keep this one handy, since you will need it every couple years when the battery used to store the absolute position data for the B axis (or the tailstock) dies.

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