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Hi! It's me again, Victoria Elizabeth. I'm getting bigger now and even like to play on my tummy. My parents think I can't get out of this position yet, but I'll show them. I'm working at sit ups and push ups to develop my muscle strength.

This is my first Owwee. I scratched my face with my sharp fingernails. Mommy keeps putting these little gloves on my hands to keep me from scratching myself. Personally I think it's to try to stop me from sucking my thumb. Haa, I've got her fooled. I can suck right through these mitts.

Hey, if you see my Mom, tell her to choose mitts with a different design. All my friends keep asking why I have Poo on my hands...

This is my Daddy teaching me to read. He shows me pictures about what's going on it the world.
Here's my Daddy trying to explain what makes those big fluffy white things I see in the sky. Sometimes they are there, sometimes they are gone. Sometimes they have a wet diaper and they leak a lot. It's pretty confusing for a little kid.

I'm confused about wind though. My Daddy says it's a lateral movement of air from regions of high pressure to regions of lower pressure... But when I toot from my basement, which I do a lot, he says I'm breaking wind. It's all too confusing...

Here's one of my favorite pastimes. Mommy is giving me a snack.

See what I mean by poo on my hands again!

Here's me about to make my first part on one of Daddies tools. It's a CNC (that stands for computer numerically controlled in case you don't know) lathe made by HAAS with a big bore spindle. It's pretty simple to run, all I need to do is hit the green button and it whirs, shakes, whizzes, and bangs a bit, and voila out comes a part.
I'm a bit small so I need to take a running start at the button. My Daddy brought me a stool to stand on so I can reach the button, and he's making sure I don't fall off.

Yup, check out even the use of protective safety equipment. I've got my safety goggles on at all times when I'm working in the shop with my Daddy.

Mommy says I need to be ready for anything! I'm waiting to try the golf ball cannon out next!

Heres my first part. It's one of 24 custom spindles that space out the hubs of a winch drum. My Daddy and I are building a drum and some other parts for Jan Nielson over in Norway. He's building his own style hydraulic winch for towing paragliders. He runs a company called Nordic Ventures out of Voss that does a lot of interesting stuff (

Some day I'm just going to have to go see for myself. I'll have to wait a bit though. My Daddy says I'm to young to travel by myself yet.

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